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Monday, September 2, 2013

6:53:07 PM6:53 PM

Our Year of Resurrection

Pastor Chris became a born again Christian on March 21, 1989. That fateful evening, he had been handed a little booklet written by the late Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ for the Nations, titled "Life after Death," (29 pages long). As he read through the pages of the book, about half way into it, Pastor Chris says he began hearing voices -- "if you die tonight you will go to hell."

The  conviction of a life in hell was so strong; he could not resist turning his life to Christ that night. After finishing the book he went straight on his knees and prayed the sinner's prayer inviting Christ into his life.  

Hitherto a journalist, he first felt the call into the ministry in 1991. However, passion and commitment were not there - not until after reading the book  "The Challenge of Missions" by the late renowned missionary pastor, Oswald J. Smith. Reading through the book, he caught a revelation of the consequences of not obeying the call. He found himself weeping on the bed, filled with a burning desire to threat the call with urgency.  But this was never to happen until God used  political persecution in his native Cameroon, to move him into it in 1994. He's married to Philomina and they both have Faith (daughter). The most influential preacher in his life is Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa (late).

Pastor Chris (right) and wife, Philomina, (left)